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We will contact the winner of the hand made bicycle worth over £1000 and 3 ride kits directly

Share your Ride

We want to hear about your rides. Tell the Gallivant community all about where you've been, why you ride and what you get out of it; whether it's health, comradery or sharing family time. Because we think sharing is inspiring.

Share at least 4 rides to be entered into the prize draw.

Send us your blog pictures or videos, or share on Facebook and Instagram using the hashtag #myridemybike.

Win Your Bike

We have teamed up with Hertfordshire based bike builder Ben Walsh because the most inspiring story will win a handmade bicycle worth over £1000 // and three runners up will win Gallivant ride kits.

Ben will work with our winner to design and build the perfect bicycle for their ride.

Pick a Winner

The winner will be picked on 18th July by Gallivant ambassadors Helen, Helen and Alex who are all part of the InternationElles ladies team cycling the 21 stages of the Tour de France in July.

Share Your Ride

We don't just want you to share your ride story to win a bicycle. We believe sharing stories inspires more people to cycle more often.

Some of us ride because it's the best way to get to work. Some of us ride because we can spend time with our family and make magical memories. Some because it's a great way to stay fit and healthy. And others because we want to do our bit for the environment. Whatever your reason... it's the right reason. You don't have to have a £3000 bike and a load of Lycra to cycle.

Share at least 4 rides - the more the better as each extra share is another chance to win and potentially another person inspired to cycle.

Here's how you share your story to enter the competition. The winner and runners up will be picked on 18/07/19:

Send us your blog and pictures or video and we'll feature our favourites on the Inspiration section of and on our Facebook pages.Share your cycling stories on Facebook and Instagram using the hashtags #myridemybike and tag us using

The most inspiring and widely shared story will win a handmade bicycle, designed and build just for them worth over £1000. Three runners up will win Gallivant ride kits worth up to £150*

*The ride kits are not finalised yet and may differ from the products shown above. Please check this page on the week of the prize draw to see final ride kit products

Win Your Bike

We've teamed up with the amazing Ben Walsh of Allied Cycles Harpenden, who, when he's not performing around the country in his trials bike team, is a designer and builder of bicycles. Ben shares our feeling that cycling is for anyone and everyone. He feels that whilst you are not defined by what you ride, what you ride should be fit for purpose.

In fact, Ben is busily building a Gallivant bicycle at the moment. We wanted to prove that any bike can be a great bike so we gave Ben a bicycle we found in a skip! Here's where we currently are: The bike has been stripped, Ben has designed what the end result will look like and Mark Sanderson, an artist whose work can be purchased on the marketplace, is designing the graphics which will then be turned in to decals for our super smooth riding Gallivant bike.

Click below to read our blogs which will chronicle how Ben and a number of our fantastic brand partners are working together to create the ultimate Gallivanting bicycle.

Picking the Winner

On the 18th of July 2019, three amazing Gallivant ambassadors will pick the 4 stories that they feel are the most inspiring from all the entries. From those 4 they will choose the ultimate winner of the handmade bicycle. We will contact the winners directly.

Helen Bridgman, Helen Sharp and Alex Chart know a thing or two about inspiration. Three normal women, with jobs and families, not one of them a professional rider, they have all been picked to be part of the InternationElles - a women's invitational team who will, along side an all French female team, ride all 21 stages of the Tour de France... setting off just 1 day before the men. Their aim is to highlight the inequality that exists in cycling as well as to inspire more women and girls to ride!

Read all about their journey and gain some unique insight here

*After the 18th July 2019 entries will still be accepted and may still be published on Gallivant social media and on our inspiration blog pages, but will not be eligible to win anything.